Retail Sales Team

The Impact Group Retail Sales Team has exceptionally strong store level relationships with local, regional, and national retailers. Their tenure and commitment have provided them with deep knowledge of store level operations in large chains, mid-size retailers, and smaller independent stores across the country. The Retail Sales Team provides a myriad of services that include:

  • Incremental Sales Initiatives
  • Custom Surveys
  • Sales Allocations
  • IRC Application
  • Divisional Programs and Opportunities
  • Reset Services and Capabilities
  • Continuity Coverage


We pride ourselves on the continued investment in our Retail Sales Team and truly see them as the key to your brand’s success. Our team of over 400 retail reps cover conventional grocery, convenience stores, natural food stores, and mass merchandisers on a set schedule. Our partnership with our retail technology provider gives us the ability to deliver real time high-value deliverables to our vendors, ensuring that your brand will experience top-line sales growth while maintaining optimal shelf presence.