Albertsons Companies hosted their first ever Shopper Marketing Summit in Boise, Idaho on April 10th – 11th. The two day conference featured speakers from Facebook and Pinterest as well as their strategic marketing partners; Quotient, Vestcom and NewsAmerica.

The predominant theme centered on recent advances to unify efforts across their multiple channels to drive sales and improve customer and manufacturer engagement through the implementation of Albertsons Performance Media, their shopper marketing arm.

The Driving Sales Mantra, “One More Shopper, One More Trip, One More Item,” focuses on the shopper using data and personalization to maximize relevance and value at every touchpoint.

Their shopper-focus centers on the customer experience by “inspiring, interacting, transacting and rewarding” customers throughout the purchase journey as follows:

  1. Innovating in every way to be the favorite local supermarket for shoppers, when, where & how they want to buy their groceries
  2. Inspiring and connecting with them through meal experiences
  3. Driving them and enabling them to transact the way they want to shop
  4. Growing sales through one more item in the cart
  5. Rewarding them to drive loyalty

Within the last couple years, Albertsons Companies made great strides integrating shopper marketing channels and tactics to better serve the needs of the manufacturer community as well as more effectively targeting their customers. Manufacturer participation is customizable by program objectives and specific to each manufacturer’s needs.

Building loyalty is a key objective using their “just for U” platform across all divisions. Once disparate, this is now a cohesive platform supporting all store banners. The mission for “just for U” is to “Earn lasting loyalty by fostering personal connections with shoppers.”

Perhaps the most exciting notice from the Summit was the announcement of the soon-to-be-live, “Shopper Marketing Vendor Portal” which will be a center of truth for shopper marketing plans and a home for tools that include division details.

Albertsons Companies suggests each manufacturer plan in advance, and advocates integration into their annual planning process. The portal will contain calendars and pertinent materials to aide in the planning process.

The two day summit was packed with vital information to help manufacturer’s navigate Albertsons Companies Shopper Marketing from A-Z. We’ll be sharing more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like additional insights, please contact